My Favorite Hobby

“So what’s your hobby?”,my teacher asked,and I answered ”Watching my mom cook.” I responded, and she said”Ok”
Being a chef is really cool.First of all I want to be a chef because I was inspired by my mom or mother.Because I always watch her cook.Some other reason I want to be a chef is because I know how to be one like,you need to have a lot of cureg.
Doing a family tradition is good, really good.One of the reasons is because you can learn and learn what your family also learned.Another reason is because if you have a party like every Christmas you can make the same food every year.
Learning new recipes/ingredients is like learning something new at school.One example is like learning new math skills is like learning new recipes.Also learning how to use new tools in a garden school is like learning how to use new ingredients you learned.
This time I told you about my favorite hobby.I hope next time you can tell me about your favorite hobby next time.

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