My Favorite Hobby

“So what’s your hobby?”,my teacher asked,and I answered ”Watching my mom cook.” I responded, and she said”Ok”
Being a chef is really cool.First of all I want to be a chef because I was inspired by my mom or mother.Because I always watch her cook.Some other reason I want to be a chef is because I know how to be one like,you need to have a lot of cureg.
Doing a family tradition is good, really good.One of the reasons is because you can learn and learn what your family also learned.Another reason is because if you have a party like every Christmas you can make the same food every year.
Learning new recipes/ingredients is like learning something new at school.One example is like learning new math skills is like learning new recipes.Also learning how to use new tools in a garden school is like learning how to use new ingredients you learned.
This time I told you about my favorite hobby.I hope next time you can tell me about your favorite hobby next time.

So Long 3rd Grade

The most important thing I learned was how to divide and multiply.

My most difficult challenge was to do reading passages.

I was most surprised by almost everything was fun and coloring.

My favorite project was when doing ice cream in Mrs. Bussey’s class and eating it.

What I disliked most was doing laps at recess.


Dear Paul O,Zelinsky

How are you?I am great plus I love love your movie as your book #1 because for me it’s kind of sad#2 because it has pictures #3 because there was a little old man that helped the lade not die.


your friend,

yoselin m.

p.s. write me back

Cinderella’s mother                                      same                                                 Rumpelstiltskin

women                                                         greedy                                                    man

fat                                                                   ugly                                                        skinny

jealous                                                                                                                         asks for everithing